Pepper Berries Urban Farm!          
     We are an all organic micro farm that is located in the heart of Independence, Missouri. We specialize in heirloom, fruits, mushrooms, vegetables, and native plants and flowers. 

CSA information: 
        We have positions available for new CSA's!! CSA stands for Community supported agriculture. How ours works is there is a $75.00 application fee, and weekly our CSA's would get the first fruits of our crops at a 15% discount. Our CSA's run from May 15th 2015 to October 15th. Our winter CSA's run from October 15th to May 15th 2016. For 2015 we have 10 CSA memberships available. 

*Canning classes (beginner and intermediate) will be offered in August-October for only 75.00 per person. (Six week course) All ingredients will be supplied, you bring your jars. 

Watch for our Jam & Jelly of the month starting in January 2016.  All of our jams and jellies are made fresh in a certified kitchen.  We use local fruit and vegetable when ever possible.  Some of the jams and jellies to check out are:  Peach Habanero, Peach Amortto Habanero, Huckleberry, Dandelian, Grape Peach, Elderberry, Apple Pear Walnut Conserve just to name a few. 
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